Terms and Conditions

AutoCare 2023 Ticket Sales and Event Attendance

Attendees are required to have a valid ticket for entry to the Event and proof of apprenticeship status is
required for holders of the lower priced apprentice ticket. Tickets will not be refunded after 1 May
2023, however, they may be transferred into another name. The Organiser has limited its liability to the
extent permitted by law, including where a ticket cannot be cancelled, a valid ticket or proof of
apprenticeship cannot be provided, the Event is rescheduled or relocated or the Attendee does not
attend the Event for any reason, this may limit your ability to make a claim for loss, but only to the
extent permitted by law.

Importantly, the above brief summary of some features of the terms and conditions does not form part
of or replace the terms and conditions below under the heading “Terms and Conditions” and the
Organiser recommends that Attendees read the below terms and conditions in full.


        1.1. In these terms and condition the following words have the following meaning:
        (a) Attendee means the person purchasing the Ticket for the Event and any person
        subsequently attending the Event with the Ticket.
        (b) Australian Consumer Law means the Australian Consumer Law provided in Schedule 2 of
        the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth).
        (c) AutoCare Website means the Event website located at https://www.autocare.org.au/
        (d) Consequential Loss includes (i) any loss of income, revenue, profit or business; (ii) any loss
        of good will or reputation; (iii) any loss of value of intellectual property; (iv) lost
        opportunity costs; (v) special or indirect loss or damage; (vi) legal costs and expenses.
        (e) Event means AutoCare 2023 held on 9 and 10 June 2023 at the Venue or as otherwise
        notified by the Organiser.
        (f) Organiser means Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association Ltd (ACN 002 271 454).
        (g) Terms means these terms and conditions.
        (h) Ticket means any ticket type purchased by an Attendee for the Event on the AutoCare
        (i) Venue means the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre or such other Venue as
        notified by the Organiser.
        1.2. In these Terms, unless the context otherwise requires:
        (a) a reference to writing includes post and email, including email and other communication
        established through the Organiser’s website (if any);
        (b) the singular includes the plural and vice versa;
        (c) the meaning of general words is not limited by specific examples introduced by
        “includes”, “including”, “for example”, “such as” or similar expressions;
        (d) where an expression is defined, another part of speech or grammatical form of that
        expression has a corresponding meaning; and
        (e) headings are for ease of reference only and do not affect the meaning or interpretation of
        these Terms.

      1. AGREEMENT
        2.1. By purchasing a Ticket, being a subsequent Ticket holder or by attending the Event, the
        Attendee agrees to these Terms.
        2.2. Attendance at the Event is subject to the Venue’s terms and conditions relating to entry to, and
        attendance at, the Venue and the Attendee agrees to comply such terms and conditions.

        3.1. The following Tickets are subject to the following conditions:
        (a) Early Bird – Two Days Ticket: is only available to purchase until 31 March 2023 and is a
        two-day pass that allows access to all seminars, the trade show, and the happy hour
        networking event.
        (b) Apprentice Ticket: is only available to apprentices who can provide proof of
        apprenticeship status at the venue entrance and is a two-day pass that allows access to all
        seminars, the trade show and the happy hour networking event (subject to responsible
        service of alcohol rules).
        (c) One Day Ticket: is a one-day pass that allows access to all seminars, the trade show, and
        the happy hour networking event.
        3.2. The Attendee agrees to comply with the conditions of the relevant Ticket type.

        4.1. Tickets may only be purchased online through the AutoCare Website.
        4.2. The prices for Tickets are set out on the AutoCare Website. All prices quoted are in Australian
        Dollars and include goods and services tax where applicable.
        4.3. The Organiser uses the third party eway payment gateway provided by Web Active Corporation
        Pty Ltd (ABN 32 086 209 403) for its secure online payment transactions. Payments made
        through eway are subject to eway’s own terms and conditions and privacy policy. For more
        information about eway, see the eway website (https://www.eway.com.au/).
        4.4. Unless an Attendee expressly consents otherwise, the Organiser does not see or have access to
        any personal information that is provided to eway, other than information that is required in
        order to process the Ticket order and deliver the Ticket (eg, name, email address and
        billing/postal address).
        4.5. While eway and the Organiser’s website hosting providers employ secure technology for
        transactions, the Organiser will not be responsible for any damages, including Consequential
        Loss, that may be suffered by an Attendee, or person, whose credit or debit card or bank
        account information is used in a fraudulent or unauthorised manner by any person other than
        the Organiser.

        5.1. Tickets will be sent by email to the Attendee purchasing the Tickets and the Ticket must be
        presented as a printed copy, in the email in which the Ticket was delivered or on a mobile device
        at the Venue for entry to the Event.
        5.2. If a Ticket is lost or stolen, the Organiser will replace the Ticket if the Attendee can verify the
        genuineness of the Ticket, for example, proof of purchase, and the Organiser may charge the
        Attendee for the Organiser’s cost in arranging for the replacement of the Ticket.

        6.1. To the extent permitted by law, the Ticket:
        (a) may be refunded if the Event is cancelled;
        (b) if the Event is rescheduled or relocated, then to extent permitted by law:
        (i) the Organiser will retain payment for the Ticket and the Ticket will be valid for
        use at the rescheduled or relocated Event; and
        (ii) the Organiser may refund the Ticket on written request where the Attendee is
        unable to attend the Event due to circumstances beyond the Attendee’s control
        (where supporting evidence is provided if requested by the Organiser);
        (c) if requested by the Attendee in writing before 1 May 2023, may be refunded in full less a
        $30.00 processing fee;
        (d) may be transferred into the name of another person, who will then become an Attendee
        and who must agree to these Terms.
        6.2. Where an Attendee arranges to transfer the Ticket into the name of another person, the
        Attendee must:
        (a) comply with all laws in any jurisdiction applicable to the resale of the Ticket, including
        ticket scalping and permitted resale prices; and
        (b) provide a copy of, or information on how to access, these Terms to the person whose
        name the Ticket is being transferred to.

        7.1. All Attendees must present a valid Ticket to enter the Event. If the Ticket presented at the Event
        is not valid, or the validity of the Ticket cannot be verified, entry to the Event may be refused.
        7.2. An Attendee must comply with the conditions of the respective Ticket type. For example, an
        Attendee holding an Apprentice Ticket must present proof of apprenticeship status to enter the
        Event otherwise they will not be able to access the Event using the Ticket.
        7.3. An Attendee may be refused entry or required to leave the Venue, and may be reported to
        police, if, the Attendee:
        (a) does not comply with these Terms or the Venue’s terms and conditions of entry;
        (b) smokes, including use of cigarettes, cigars, vaping or using e-cigarettes (except where and
        permitted at the Venue (if available));
        (c) carries or uses alcohol not purchased at the Venue (if available), carries or uses illegal
        substances, including illicit drugs, weapons or fireworks, or carrying an animal;
        (d) uses a drone, skateboard, scooter or other similar items;
        (e) does not wear suitable attire;
        (f) is intoxicated, is behaving in an unlawful manner, or in a disorderly or aggressive manner,
        or is verbally harassing or physically harassing any person, including being rude,
        discriminatory or offensive, or using unacceptable language.
        7.4. Attendees may take photographs or film for personal, non-commercial use only and only if there
        is no direction not to take photographs or film, and filming educational and training seminars
        listed in the AutoCare 2023 Training Program is not permitted.
        7.5. Attendees must comply with:
        (a) all Venue and Organiser safety directions, directions in relation to COVID-19 and security
        directions, which may include a search of an Attendee or an Attendees possessions; and
        (b) all State and Federal Government laws relevant to or in connection with attending the

        8.1. The Organiser reserves the right to, and may vary or make changes to, social events,
        demonstrations, presentations, training (including technical, management and other training),
        and presenters or speakers, including in regard to the person presenting or speaking, the subject
        matter of any training, demonstration or presentation, and scheduling of training,
        demonstrations, presentations and social events.

        9.1. If an Attendee is purchasing Tickets or transferring a Ticket into another name (First Attendee)
        on behalf of another Attendee (Second Attendee), then the First Attendee warrants that they
        have the consent of the Second Attendee to provide the Second Attendee’s personal
        information to the Organiser and the First Attendee warrants that the Second Attendee is aware
        of these Terms and the Organiser’s privacy policy in respect of the Event.
        9.2. Attendees may be filmed or photographed and such films and photographs may be used to
        report on the Event, to promote the Organiser, or to promote future events held by the
        Organiser and may be used in the publicly available Australian Automotive Aftermarket
        magazine in both electronic and print format and on the Organiser’s websites (please refer to
        our Privacy Policy for website information). If an Attendee does not wish to be filmed or
        photographed at the Event, they must notify the Organiser and the Organiser’s staff at the

      1. LIABILITY
        10.1. To the extent permitted by law:
        (a) the Organiser is not liable for any loss, including, Ticket costs, unused portions of Tickets,
        travel or accommodation costs, incurred by an Attendee where:
        (i) the Attendee cancels a Ticket or transfers a Ticket into another name, or is unable
        to cancel Ticket or transfer a Ticket into another name;
        (ii) the Attendee is required to leave the Event in accordance with these Terms;
        (iii) the Attendee is unable to provide a valid Ticket for entry to the Event or comply
        with the conditions of the Ticket (eg, proof of apprenticeship status to use an
        Apprentice Ticket);
        (iv) the Event being rescheduled or relocated;
        (v) any error made by the Attendee in purchasing the Ticket; or
        (vi) the Attendee not attending the Event for any reason.
        (b) the Organiser is not liable for any Consequential Loss; and
        (c) all express and implied warranties, guarantees and conditions under statute or general
        law as to merchantable quality, description, quality, suitability or fitness of a good or
        service are expressly excluded.
        10.2. Nothing in these Terms is intended to modify, restrict or exclude the Australian Consumer Law
        in a manner that is not permitted.
        10.3. The Organiser will not be deemed to be in breach of these Terms for any delays or failures in
        performance of these Terms which result from circumstances beyond the reasonable control of
        the Organiser (including without limitation as a result of any strike, war, cyber-attack, terrorist
        attack, trade dispute, fire, flood, tempest, theft, epidemic, pandemic or breakdown in
        machinery of any kind, disruption to electricity (or any other utility), or breakdown or disruption
        of any electronic communication support system). The Organiser must promptly notify the
        Attendee in writing when such circumstances cause a delay or failure in performance and when
        they cease to do so. If the Organiser is unable to provide the Event in accordance with these
        Terms due to a circumstance in this clause, then the Organiser may cancel, reschedule and/or
        relocate the Event without the Organiser being liable to the Attendee for any loss or
        Consequential loss arising from such cancellation, rescheduling or relocation.

      1. GENERAL
        11.1. These Terms are governed by the laws of Queensland and the parties submit to the exclusive
        jurisdiction of the courts of Queensland.
        11.2. The Attendee warrants that it has not relied on any warranty, representation or statement,
        whether oral or written, made by the Organiser or any of its employees or agents relating to or
        in connection with the subject matter of these Terms except those expressly set out in these
        11.3. If any provision of these Terms at any time is or becomes void, voidable or unenforceable, the
        remaining provisions will continue to have full force and effect.
        11.4. The Organiser may vary these Terms at any time, in which event, these Terms on the AutoCare
        Website will apply to any future dealings as between the parties and the Attendee is deemed to
        have notice of any such Terms and/or variations.
        11.5. These Terms as varied by the Organiser represent the entire agreement between the parties.
        11.6. The Organiser has the right to assign and transfer to any person all or any of its title, interest,
        benefit, rights, duties and obligations arising in, under or from these Terms provided that the
        assignee agrees to assume any duties and obligations of the Organiser owed to the Attendee
        under these Terms.