The MAHA German Made Automotive Test Lane will be shown for the first time at AUTOCARE 2020


The MAHA German Made Automotive Test Lane will be shown for the first time at AUTOCARE 2020

MAHA – a German company which manufactures automotive passenger-vehicle testing equipment while also supplying quality lifting technology and chassis dynamometers – says its Automotive Test Lane is the perfect way to test brakes, shocks, alignment and can also help you with Knock detection.

Showcasing the product for the first time ever at AUTOCARE from Friday 19 – Saturday 20 June at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, MAHA Automotive Managing Director, Mick Lauster, said “this is one of the world’s most accurate, reliable and commonly used Brake, Shock and Alignment Testers”.

Highly recommended

MAHA explains that its test lane is recommended by various vehicle manufacturers and used by international testing organizations for continuous high volume heavy-duty accurate operation.

Porsche, Volkswagen, Audi, Mercedes and BMW have all approved the MAHA Test lane, which provides a complete and accurate assessment of the braking con­dition, shock absorber condition, wheel track and knock detection within mere minutes, says MAHA.

Used by Governments around the world including Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, the MAHA brake tester meets all legislative requirements including the highest European Quality Assurance System which conforms to the requirements of Australian, New Zealand and International Standards: AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015.

The lanes are also being installed in workshops, with positive feedback already flowing in.

“Since we started using the MAHA Automotive Test Lane in our business, we are really seeing the value it adds for our customers,” AVR Automotive Director, Paul Tresser, said.

“At AVR Automotive we do a lot of vehicle servicing for 4WDs and that traditionally involves a lot of visual checks of cars. Through that process we might see something, perhaps a difference in the braking components, but before now we weren’t able to actually test it.

“Now we can actually test the car and also visually inspect it, allowing us to find things like differences between front and back braking proportions, differences in shock absorbers side-to-side and so forth and we are able to take a report back to the customer and show ‘this is what we have actually tested and visually inspected on your car, now let’s address it.’

“The two approaches work hand-in-hand and having the testing capability has been a really great customer service tool and a good marketing tool for us – our team loves it and our customers also appreciate the value of the service being provided. We are pretty glad to have it in our workshop!”

“The optimised roller-set dimensions of the MAHA Automotive Test Lane make these brake testers suitable for testing both 2WD and 4WD cars, so they are perfect for the serious workshop right up to the largest fleet operator,” Mick said.

The MAHA Test Lane, incorporating the Roller Brake Tester, is modular in design to help future-proof your investment.

The units use ceramic coated rollers driven by 3kW 3Phase motors with heavy-duty bi-directional gearboxes and are factory powder coated to ensure years of trouble-free operation says MAHA, which states there are units still operating after 29 years of service in Australia.

“Investing in the MAHA Automotive Test Lane is a way for business to be future-proofed with equipment that will meet all current and future requirements,” Mick said.

The MAHA MBT is network-compatible and robust with an easy-to-service technology supported by directly by the MAHA factory trained subsidiary employed technicians locally in Australia.

“The MAHA test lane can also be optioned with many accessories for a wide range of diagnostics options. Diagnostics can be quickly incorporated into any testing regime, even when vehicle throughput is extremely high.

“Mercedes-Benz is one company taking full advantage of the available options, with its new five-story Auto House currently being built in Breakfast Creek (Queensland) featuring four fully optioned Test Lanes.”

Available options

The MAHA test lane can have digital or analogue displays and various means of tablet interface for control from the driver’s seat or anywhere in the workshop. MAHA explains that a big advantage for users is the automatic guidance for operators and the storage of all results for ease of use.

Additional testing components can also be added to the test lane as required or as legislation changes.

Other options that can be incorporated include tread depth testing, license plate recognition, wheel alignment track, individual shock absorber test by oscillation, emission testing and digital headlight-adjustment units. The operating software is ready to work with any additions to the test lane set up at a later date.

What can you expect in your Test Lane Kit?

  • MINC – Side Slip Tester for Wheel Alignment test/Suspension Geometry test
  • MSD3000 – Oscillating Shock Absorber Tester for suspension testing – offers a linear frequency controlled speed shock test throughout the shock’s resonance frequency range. An optional noise detection module is also available to detect knocks and rattles via oscillation speed
  • MBT2250 – Roller Brake Tester five km/h
    • Includes drag detection, for example, wheel bearing or sticky caliper piston
    • Includes warped rotor or oval drum test
    • Optional license plate recognition
    • Optional TM1000 Tread Depth Tester with compressed air to dust and clean the tire
    • Gross Vehicle Weight
    • Front and rear brake force and park brake test including brake test force four wheels plus park brake, the MAHA Patented 4WD mode.
  • Electronic, temperature-compensated strain gauge system for highly precise measurement results under all environmental conditions

See this new product and many more at AUTOCARE from Friday 19 – Saturday 20 June at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre.

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