Luke Truskinger is a mechanical engineer and the Managing Director of the new Auto Innovation Centre, a subsidiary of the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association.


As a speaker at the AUTOCARE Automotive Suppliers Conference, Luke will be discussing the trends in automotive product development, testing and validation.

Luke Truskinger is a mechanical engineer, and vehicle enthusiast who has focused his career in the automotive industry.  Luke oversaw and commissioned, and is now the managing Director of, the newly established Auto Innovation Centre (AIC), a subsidiary of the AAAA. The AIC has been set up by the AAAA with support from the Federal and Victorian governments to assist companies developing products to suit vehicles in the Australian aftermarket.

As an avid vehicle modifier, Luke enjoys getting on the tools and understanding how the vehicles and accessories are being developed. He has a passion for performance and 4WD vehicles as well as motorsport and engineering and technology. Luke’s past employments were in the Australian aftermarket and also international OEM.


Proprietary validation of automotive components and vehicles is the secret to a successful product. If the validation method is appropriate then you can be assured that the revision that passes will be fit for sale. So why can’t every company just test to the right procedure? Because getting the internal validation method to be correct- and correlated to the customer usage- is difficult and everchanging. As technology advances and customer usage changes the validation methods must also change.

Product development cycle durations are usually directly proportional to the price and risk of the finished product. Car manufacturers spend 5-10 years developing a new vehicle from scratch. In this time they test every part multiple times and entire vehicles resulting in a total loss at each gateway. The Australian automotive aftermarket demonstrate incredible agility and ingenuity every day. Often products are developed for a new vehicle in time frames that are a fraction of that which the OEM used to develop the car and with no prior knowledge of the vehicle until it was released for sale.

Luke will be discussing the trends of the current automotive landscape and the impact to product development and testing methods. The AIC’s role in this is to help the industry better understand the changing technology and identify future opportunities.


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