The Race to Find and Keep Top Talent in Your Workshop

This session will provide practical insights into how to improve employment tactics for finding and keeping staff: In 2023, what staff retention and recruitment tactics are actually working for automotive workshops of all shapes and sizes. Are you experiencing significant staff vacancies? Is this putting pressure on your team and are you turning away new customers? The standard job ad and standard terms and conditions are no longer enough: we need to do better and some workshops are winning the race.  This session will showcase brand new research on how the top workshops are finding and keeping good staff. Find out about the new staff retention methods and tactics and how ZLEVs and technology are changing our future employment pool. What can we do to make our recruitment pipeline bigger rather than competing with each other?

Lesley Yates – AAAA, Peter Rogers – Repco Authorised Service, Ben Selwyn – ACA Research, Natalie Smith – Automotive Recruitment Australia, Gabrielle Clift – Highfields Mechanical