20 Jun 2020
15:00 - 16:00


Diesel particulate filters or variation’s (DPF/CDPF or SCR with AdBlue), are fitted to most modern diesels. These DPF systems contribute to the reduction of particulate matters and combined with other key components on the diesel engine, reduce overall vehicle emissions. Most filters fitted to a vehicle require correct maintenance and regular replacement, yet the DPF doesn’t, and unnecessary replacement can be avoided when systems are diagnosed and serviced correctly. A DPF fault code does not mean the DPF has failed.

Many owners of DPF fitted diesels are not informed that certain driving/operation requirements often need to be adhered to, to maintain DPF health. With this in mind, this session will provide invaluable advice on how to inform customers on avoiding tampering or deleting the DPF. If the vehicle’s owner is provided with the right advice, a costly replacement can be easily avoided.

This important session will also break down misconceptions around DPF’s and reduce the need for unnecessary replacement and/ removal of the DPF and other emission control systems.   The workshop will include critical information on diesel emission system components, structures, operation and how DPF’s, SCR and AdBlue reduce emissions.

This session is for technicians and front of office staff (service advisers) to assist in educating their customers on correct servicing for DPF vehicles.


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