19 Jun 2020
14:45 - 16:15


Frank’s two Autocare presentation subjects reflect his growing concern in regard to recent technical developments such as SENT sensor technology, and the growing lack of accessibility for focused diagnostics.

It has been clear for many years that manufacturers are determined to dumb down diagnostics, relying on a serial interface with little or no regard for actual circuit and component interrogation.

Furthermore, Frank has found that actual data whilst conducting serial led process is poor at best often totally inadequate at worst.

NVH is the latest tool in the ever expanding pico inventory, offering technicians an incredible insight to the very function of mechanical systems. Mass displacement has three elements, amplitude, frequency and vector. It represents lost energy and mechanical inefficiency. Unavoidable in a motor vehicle and therefore must be both understood and detectable in predicting component of function failure.

Successful process so far includes, DMF, ignition pinking, combustion imbalance, which can be mechanical, fuel, or ignition led, and vehicle chassis dynamics. NVH has in the past been based on opinion, it can now be presented with evidence.


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