Dealing With Diesel – The Truth about EGR’s, Catch Can’s and Common Diesel Myths

Upskill your understanding of EGR systems and diagnosis, catch can theory and installation and dispel common diesel powered vehicle myths through real world examples and demonstations with Clinton Brett, Owner of Diesel Help Australia.

This session focuses on:
• Overview of the common rail diesel operation
• EGR system operation and characteristics
• Explanation of an EGRs other functions
• EGR components and their location on the engine
• Diagnostics and repair solutions for EGR systems
• Vacuum systems and EGRs: Case study Hilux 1KDFTV starts and stalls
• Catch Cans: Explanation of the benefits and why not all diesels require them
• Acceptable level of crankcase ventilation on a diesel
• Causes and diagnostics of excessive crankcase ventilation
• Catch can Installation and servicing recommendations
• Service techniques that reduce excessive high crankcase ventilation

Clinton Brett – Diesel Help Australia