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One of the world’s largest producers of automotive locks and keys, STRATTEC Security Corporation, is expanding their BOLT Lock product line in Australia and New Zealand. STRATTEC, known for producing OEM products for companies such as Chrysler, GM and Ford, first introduced the BOLT Lock Line in Australia in 2017. Since coming to market, STRATTEC and BOLT Locks’ relationship with Locksmith Supply Company (LSC) has been strong, and the companies will continue to work together to expand the product range throughout the entire Oceanic Region.

Currently, BOLT Lock has been utilized by many manufacturers, including ARB ASCENT Canopy, DeeZee Tool Boxes, Extang EnCore Tonneau and Monster Swivel Hook. As one of the largest BOLT Lock clients in Australia, ARB has incorporated the BOLT Lock cylinder in their ASCENT Canopy. ARB uses the Chrysler cylinder with keys supplied by STRATTEC which is compatible with the CY24 Key Profile.

Though the STRATTEC Network, BOLT Lock Australia is able to provide a wide variety of products from Trailer and Towing Security, Jeep Accessory Locks, Canopy and Tool Box Locks, 4WD Recovery and much more. BOLT Lock Australia has been working with LSC as the Distributor for the complete BOLT Lock Australia Range within the Oceanic Region.

BOLT Lock Australia is always open to working with manufacturers and vehicle modification businesses. Ideas and suggestions can be referred directly to BOLT Lock Australia and we can provide all necessary information needed to set up your project.

To locate which vehicles are compatible with BOLT Lock products, simply visit the BOLT Lock Australia website, click on the Vehicle Match tab and compatible vehicle makes, models and years will be listed. All vehicles listed on the website are available in the Australian market.

BOLT Locks work with that one key. You can either use the BOLT Key to set all your locks to or you can use YOUR Vehicle Ignition Key, this is available for select vehicle makes and models. If you can’t find YOUR Vehicle or you don’t want to use your ignition key to unlock the BOLT Locks, please see the BOLT Key Range, the BOLT key comes for free with purchases of the BOLT Key Range.

Simply insert the BOLT Key or Compatible Vehicle Ignition Key into the BOLT Lock, turn it once and the lock Mechanically and Permanently Learns that Key code. Set any number of locks to the 1 key or have different keys, for different locks.

Why purchase new locks every couple of years due to rusting, seizing, failure or breaking? Our philosophy is very simple, you only need to buy the BOLT Locks once and if it fails during normal use, we will replace it for FREE.

BOLT Locks work with that one key. You can either use the BOLT Key to set all your locks to or you can use YOUR Vehicle Ignition Key, this is available for select vehicle makes and models.

BOLT Locks, One-Key Technology, learns YOUR Jeep Wrangler Ignition Key the first time you use them. So you don’t need to use another key to unlock your Jeep Wrangler Bonnet Lock or any of the other BOLT Lock Products, as you can set all your locks to work on with your Jeep Wrangler Ignition Key.

BOLT Lock has joined with Monster Hook to provide our “Breakthrough One-Key Lock Technology” on a new recovery swivel hook. Swivel hooks produced by Monster Hook are already sturdy due to being crafted from aircraft grade 6061-T6 aluminum, but the BOLT Lock technology will bring added security by supplying a lock specifically programmed to the vehicle’s ignition key.

If you are a professional who demands a durable box for everyday use, or, if you just need a tool box to keep your tools organized, we have the tool box, ute tool box or trailer tool box for you. Maximize your storage space and protect your equipment with our range of Ute, 4WD or Light Truck Tool Box solutions.

BOLT Lock Australia has partnered with different component manufacturers to bring you, canopies, toolboxes, ute tool boxes, on-tray tool boxes, under-tray tool boxes, modular tool box packages, internal drawer systems and trundle trays.

Combining the perfect blend of strength, functional design and style, we are able to provide the most secure Canopy and Tool Boxes in the market today. We use high quality materials specially manufactured to excel in the harsh and varied Australian climate. Whether it is tools, deliveries, waste or any other gear you need protected during transportation, BOLT Lock Australia has you covered.

Our canopies use fiberglass, aluminum and other quality materials sourced from trusted suppliers to ensure their products offer long-lasting performance. Our ranges utilize two and three door models and are assisted by dual gas-struts and double-locking points. Our range also includes the commercial and industrial series and style-side or tub series, which have a smooth finish.

✔ Tough, the BOLT Lock is one of the toughest products on the market and is one of the hardest locks to break.
✔ Highest Corrosion Resistance Rating, making the BOLT Lock products truly weather proof.
✔ Double Ball Bearing Locking Mechanism for the best protection of accessories and tools.
✔ Automotive Grade, stainless steel lock shutter to keep out dirt and moisture.
✔ One-Key, BOLT Locks offer a convenient way to secure tools, accessories, trailers, canopies and tool boxes all with the one key.
✔ Won’t Damage Your Key, BOLT Lock is designed to withstand the roughest conditions but this doesn’t mean it will be rough on your keys.
✔ Self-Keying, the BOLT Lock sets itself to your key when you unlock the BOLT Lock for the first time.
✔ Master Key, all the BOLT Lock Cylinders able to be set with the one key.
✔ Your Choice of Key to Use, you can use either the BOLT Key or Compatible Vehicle Ignition Key.
✔ Limited Life-Time Warranty and is guaranteed for the life of the vehicle.
✔ Nation Wide Warranty which is supported by BOLT Lock Australia.

If you want to learn more about BOLT Lock, make sure you visit them at Stand D6 at the AUTOCARE Free Trade Show!

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