Mechanical Repair – Technical Program 2020

With the ongoing uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, the AAAA has made the difficult decision to cancel Autocare 2020. Read more HERE.



Day 1
19 Jun 2020
Day 2
20 Jun 2020


Trade Show open to Convention Delegates from 8.30am.

Welcome Address

Stuart Charity, CEO, Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association

Minister Address

Mandatory Data Sharing: The Government’s Agenda for Fair Competition in the Australian economy. In October 2019, the Hon Michael Sukkar, Assistant Treasurer announced the Government’s intention to introduce legislation to require the car industry to provide access to Service and Repair information on fair and reasonable terms.  The Minister will speak on the progress of Mandatory Data Sharing and the government’s agenda for fair competition in the Australian economy.
Hon Michael Sukkar MP


When it comes to the wireless transmission of vehicle data, or telematics, the data that cars collect may very well be ground-breaking and vital to our industry moving forward—but only if consumers have control of this data. Unfortunately, car companies currently have total control over this valuable data, allowing them the ability to cut independent repairers out of the picture when it comes to maintenance and repairs. This forces consumers to utilise higher-priced service departments and parts and monopolises any opportunity for innovation across the auto industry. Bill Hanvey will speak about the US experience of vehicle data and about Autocare’s fight for the consumer’s ability to choose where their vehicle’s data is sent, exactly what data is shared, and to whom the data is shared with.  Stuart Charity will speak about Telematics in Australia and consumer awareness and attitudes to the collection and use of vehicle data and outline the AAAA’s plan to advocate for mandated access to this data. Most importantly, Bill and Stuart will discuss how our industry has opportunities to harness vehicle data for the good of the consumer and the betterment of the industry if we are able to speak with one voice supporting consumer...
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Bill Hanvey
Stuart Charity


Understanding CAN Bus and proper testing procedures are vital for accurate diagnostics of the modern motor vehicle. This session will look at CAN Bus and how to test and locate communication issues, plus look at J2534 programming. How can technicians use it, how does it work, to dispel all the myths about J2534. Using actual case studies, this session will show you how to use J2534 for common updates and re programming. The future of the aftermarket industry will involve ECU updates and programming, so this is a great start to your journey into this new and exciting part of our industry.  
Jeff Smit


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The proliferation of hybrid and electric vehicles is causing a convergence of automotive technologies, providing well-prepared repairers with opportunities not seen since we turned our backs on carburettors. Brett will talk about how the convergence of air-conditioning, driveline thermal management and electrical systems, as well as the rapid emergence of other technologies, is delivering significant opportunities now and into the future. One thing is clear, automotive diagnostics is about to come in from the cold and take centre stage in workshops. Brett will describe how this is incredibly positive news for repairers and outline how the changes will demand strong diagnostic skills and reward them with strong workshop revenue.  
Brett Meads


Frank’s two Autocare presentation subjects reflect his growing concern in regard to recent technical developments such as SENT sensor technology, and the growing lack of accessibility for focused diagnostics. It has been clear for many years that manufacturers are determined to dumb down diagnostics, relying on a serial interface with little or no regard for actual circuit and component interrogation. Furthermore, Frank has found that actual data whilst conducting serial led process is poor at best often totally inadequate at worst. NVH is the latest tool in the ever expanding pico inventory, offering technicians an incredible insight to the very function of mechanical systems. Mass displacement has three elements, amplitude, frequency and vector. It represents lost energy and mechanical inefficiency. Unavoidable in a motor vehicle and therefore must be both understood and detectable in predicting component of function failure. Successful process so far includes, DMF, ignition pinking, combustion imbalance, which can be mechanical, fuel, or ignition led, and vehicle chassis dynamics. NVH has in the past been based on opinion, it can now be presented with evidence.  
Frank Massey


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Trade Show open to Convention Delegates.


Correct application and evaluation of in- cylinder pressure differential can be an invaluable evidenced based means of confirming engine internal faults. Discussion will focus on the four-stroke cycle, pumping losses, and valve timing on both si and ci engines.  
Frank Massey


Scan tool data can be a real time saver when you know what you’re looking at.  This session will look at key pieces of data including Fuel trims and Mass Air Flow sensors, that should be checked on every vehicle, focusing on some fundamental operations such as fuel trims and plausibility tests of common sensors. Unfortunately scan tool data can often be limited, or even lie with default numbers substituted in when a fault is present.  This is where an oscilloscope becomes an invaluable tool to go right to the source and look at sensor and actuator operation in real time, with a proper sample rate far superior to a scan tool or multimeter.  This session aimed at the beginner to novice oscilloscope user will illustrate just how simple these tools can be to use and interpret, boosting your workshop productivity.  
Brendan Sorensen


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Keith’s perspective on Hybrid Electric Vehicle trainings: With HEVs continuously gaining in popularity, and with more and more manufacturers announcing their decision to stop producing vehicles with combustion engines in the coming years, HEV training will become more crucial. HEVs present a number of unique challenges and their own dangers. Running on high voltage, there’s certainly Workplace Health & Safety considerations to be mindful of working on these vehicles. Additionally, and quite simply, it’s new technology. To remain relevant in this industry, automotive professionals need to up-skill and ensure they remain on top of these new advancements. This session will cover some of the fundamental requirements for inspecting and servicing hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) systems and components in the automotive retail, service and repair industry.  
Keith Minchin


Diesel particulate filters or variation’s (DPF/CDPF or SCR with AdBlue), are fitted to most modern diesels. These DPF systems contribute to the reduction of particulate matters and combined with other key components on the diesel engine, reduce overall vehicle emissions. Most filters fitted to a vehicle require correct maintenance and regular replacement, yet the DPF doesn’t, and unnecessary replacement can be avoided when systems are diagnosed and serviced correctly. A DPF fault code does not mean the DPF has failed. Many owners of DPF fitted diesels are not informed that certain driving/operation requirements often need to be adhered to, to maintain DPF health. With this in mind, this session will provide invaluable advice on how to inform customers on avoiding tampering or deleting the DPF. If the vehicle’s owner is provided with the right advice, a costly replacement can be easily avoided. This important session will also break down misconceptions around DPF’s and reduce the need for unnecessary replacement and/ removal of the DPF and other emission control systems.   The workshop will include critical information on diesel emission system components, structures, operation and how DPF’s, SCR and AdBlue reduce emissions. This session is for technicians and front of office staff...
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Clinton Brett


Trade Show open until 4pm.

Program subject to change.  Tickets non-refundable.