Mechanical Repair – Business Improvement Program 2020

With the ongoing uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, the AAAA has made the difficult decision to cancel Autocare 2020. Read more HERE.



Day 1
19 Jun 2020
Day 2
20 Jun 2020


Trade Show open to Convention Delegates from 8.30am.

Welcome Address

Stuart Charity, CEO, Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association

Minister Address

Mandatory Data Sharing: The Government’s Agenda for Fair Competition in the Australian economy. In October 2019, the Hon Michael Sukkar, Assistant Treasurer announced the Government’s intention to introduce legislation to require the car industry to provide access to Service and Repair information on fair and reasonable terms.  The Minister will speak on the progress of Mandatory Data Sharing and the government’s agenda for fair competition in the Australian economy.
Hon Michael Sukkar MP


When it comes to the wireless transmission of vehicle data, or telematics, the data that cars collect may very well be ground-breaking and vital to our industry moving forward—but only if consumers have control of this data. Unfortunately, car companies currently have total control over this valuable data, allowing them the ability to cut independent repairers out of the picture when it comes to maintenance and repairs. This forces consumers to utilise higher-priced service departments and parts and monopolises any opportunity for innovation across the auto industry. Bill Hanvey will speak about the US experience of vehicle data and about Autocare’s fight for the consumer’s ability to choose where their vehicle’s data is sent, exactly what data is shared, and to whom the data is shared with.  Stuart Charity will speak about Telematics in Australia and consumer awareness and attitudes to the collection and use of vehicle data and outline the AAAA’s plan to advocate for mandated access to this data. Most importantly, Bill and Stuart will discuss how our industry has opportunities to harness vehicle data for the good of the consumer and the betterment of the industry if we are able to speak with one voice supporting consumer...
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Bill Hanvey
Stuart Charity


Why connect with your female audience? Females make up over 85% of consumer purchasing decisions – not connecting with this demographic will negatively affect your business. Some studies show that up to 49% of women feel uncomfortable getting their vehicles serviced. The key is to focus on engaging with this specific market. Statistics from the Institute of Motor Industry (IMI) show that 28% of women feel confused by technical jargon. When considering the female demographic in the automotive industry it’s important to remember that although females may have the overall purchasing power, they may not necessarily have confidence when it comes to cars. Nicole will present 3 ways to build a connection with women as customers.  She will provide real world practical techniques to: Share your Journey, Champion a cause and most importantly how to Engage, and don’t intimidate women. Spending some effort on targeting female customers will ensure a positive result on your bottom line. Workshops have admitted that targeting female customers to their workshop is a goal – so get to it – set about attracting them to your business.  
Nicole Kastner


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Business succession is not one thing but many. It is not a single event that occurs when a leader retires and passes the baton to a new leader, but a process that is driven by a developmental clock. This workshop is designed for businesses at any stage – it is never too early to start thinking about your transition strategy. Current and future leaders and managers of the business should attend this session as Andrea will cover a range of activities including: Addressing the two business exit models: sale or succession; nurturing and developing personal successors; managing the transition: pitfalls, moving from knowing to doing and keeping plans current.  
Andrea Moody


This session will outline the unprecedented change taking place in the auto industry driven by the complexity of the car parc, changes in vehicle technology and industry dynamics as well as skills shortages and the need for automotive technicians to continually upgrade their skills and knowledge. This disruption will have an impact on every business in the industry and those that are able to anticipate and adapt to this change will be well placed to take advantage of the significant future opportunities that lie ahead.  
David Fraser


Inside the Trade Show. Sponsored by Gates Australia.


Trade Show open to Convention Delegates.


Correct application and evaluation of in- cylinder pressure differential can be an invaluable evidenced based means of confirming engine internal faults. Discussion will focus on the four-stroke cycle, pumping losses, and valve timing on both si and ci engines.  
Frank Massey

DRIVING BUSINESS PERFORMANCE – Maximising business tools to increase profit

Duncan believes that “1 percent improvements” over a sustained period are a critical strategy for businesses, because these are easy to attain and always have a cumulative and positive impact on profit.  In this session Duncan will ask the tough questions that challenge every business to achieve growth and more importantly, profit.  How do you set standards and meet these? Are you setting goals or just hoping for the best?  
Duncan Boyle


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As a small (or large) business owner, one of the most challenging parts of running an auto business is staff recruitment and retention. Good mechanics have plenty of options both within and beyond the automotive industry, so you need to make sure you’re creating the best environment possible to attract the right candidates and avoid losing key people. We explored this topic in the 2020 AAAA Automotive Workshop Study identifying the key elements that make market leaders stand out from the crowd. In this session, we’ll share the strategies they’re using to find and keep staff, and how this is changing the profile of the ‘typical’ Aussie mechanic.  
Ben Selwyn


As we start the third decade of this century, the car as we know it is undergoing a dramatic transformation. Over the next ten years, a major revolution in electronics and powertrain systems will begin to alter how we use, own and service our vehicles – as key technologies such as hybridisation, electrification and driverless systems spread rapidly across the global car parc. In this illuminating and cutting-edge seminar, Ross Forbes and Ross Hatton from Autodata Training will unpack just a few of these key technologies, focussing on Advanced Driver Assist Systems and 48-volt mild hybrid powertrains. We’ll take a deep dive into these trends, understand their operating principles and explore the latest applications on the road and on the racetrack. So if you’re an automotive technician, business owner or enthusiast with an eye for what’s on the motoring horizon, you won’t want to miss this exciting seminar.  
Ross Hatton
Ross Forbes


Trade Show open until 4pm.

Program subject to change.  Tickets non-refundable.