Automotive Suppliers Program 2020

With the ongoing uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, the AAAA has made the difficult decision to cancel Autocare 2020. Read more HERE.




Day 1
19 Jun 2020
Day 2
20 Jun 2020


Trade Show open to Convention Delegates from 8.30am.

Welcome Address

Stuart Charity, CEO, Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association

Minister Address

Mandatory Data Sharing: The Government’s Agenda for Fair Competition in the Australian economy. In October 2019, the Hon Michael Sukkar, Assistant Treasurer announced the Government’s intention to introduce legislation to require the car industry to provide access to Service and Repair information on fair and reasonable terms.  The Minister will speak on the progress of Mandatory Data Sharing and the government’s agenda for fair competition in the Australian economy.
Hon Michael Sukkar MP


When it comes to the wireless transmission of vehicle data, or telematics, the data that cars collect may very well be ground-breaking and vital to our industry moving forward—but only if consumers have control of this data. Unfortunately, car companies currently have total control over this valuable data, allowing them the ability to cut independent repairers out of the picture when it comes to maintenance and repairs. This forces consumers to utilise higher-priced service departments and parts and monopolises any opportunity for innovation across the auto industry. Bill Hanvey will speak about the US experience of vehicle data and about Autocare’s fight for the consumer’s ability to choose where their vehicle’s data is sent, exactly what data is shared, and to whom the data is shared with.  Stuart Charity will speak about Telematics in Australia and consumer awareness and attitudes to the collection and use of vehicle data and outline the AAAA’s plan to advocate for mandated access to this data. Most importantly, Bill and Stuart will discuss how our industry has opportunities to harness vehicle data for the good of the consumer and the betterment of the industry if we are able to speak with one voice supporting consumer choice and open and fair competition  
Bill Hanvey
Stuart Charity


Today, our aftermarket industry continues that search for new trends and product ideas for customers to enhance or modify their vehicles for a specific use.  However, changing government attitudes and increasing regulation, combined with new vehicle technologies are substantial and imminent issues that present challenges to the ability of companies to design, develop and market these new products.   How well are we anticipating and addressing these issues? Rob Davis Senior Product Manager, Pedders Suspension will provide a presentation on the process and outcomes of the landmark GCM project in which industry developed a procedure for the design and validation of aftermarket Gross Combination Mass (GCM) and Braked Towing Capacity (BTC) upgrade products. Lesley Yates, Director of Government Relations and Advocacy will speak on the vehicle modifications that government is worried about, which auto aftermarket products are currently under intense scrutiny and the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association’s advocacy response.  
Rob Davis
Lesley Yates


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As a woman who loves cars, Lara has first-hand experience of how the automotive industry markets to women.  Lara has bought and sold cars, built cars and provided advice to women shopping for cars and automotive accessories.  Frustrated by the patronising tone of many selling to women in the automotive industry, and the tendency for women’s car accessories to be pink or purple, Lara chose to be a part of the solution. Through her brand Wilde Garage, Lara has designed and sold her own range of female focussed aftermarket automotive accessories.  Join Lara for a tour behind the curtain of how women shop for car accessories and how to successfully target the female market.  
Lara Wilde


This session will outline the unprecedented change taking place in the auto industry driven by the complexity of the car parc, changes in vehicle technology and industry dynamics as well as skills shortages and the need for automotive technicians to continually upgrade their skills and knowledge. This disruption will have an impact on every business in the industry and those that are able to anticipate and adapt to this change will be well placed to take advantage of the significant future opportunities that lie ahead.  
David Fraser


Inside the Trade Show. Sponsored by Gates Australia.


Trade Show open to Convention Delegates.


The impact of social media is undeniable. The use of social media as an important component of a marketing/commercial strategy is also well understood. It is no surprise that Automotive aftermarket brands are increasingly taking advantage of the benefits these platforms offer. From increasing brand and product awareness, to highly targeted sales and advertising campaigns, through to simply offering customer engagement, social media offers some game changing opportunities. . Facebook is by far the most popular digital platform, offering incredible versatility as a marketing tool. However, should you be putting all your social media eggs in Facebook. Is it still cost effective?  What are some alternatives that might be a better fit? Another important, and greatly discussed component of social media is content and the perennial question “What makes good content?” Dale will guide you through this topic in an easy to understand way that gets to the bottom of how social media can benefit your business.  
Dale Brittain


It used to be that major changes in technology, and essentially our world, would take years to see advancements that change the way we operate daily. But now, consumers jump at the latest technology. Consumers in our industry are bombarded with choices at an alarming rate. How does the automotive industry cross this chasm today? As the technical sophistication of the industry and its vehicles has grown over the last quarter century, our research and analysis of the most relevant industry trends has had to follow suit. Vehicles have become more sophisticated in terms of computerisation and software orientation, electrification, connectivity, telematics and hybrid power. Data has evolved from a “nice to have” to an absolute must to maintain efficient business operations. Furthermore, the industry is subject to a political climate that requires each and every one of us to get involved to ensure that our needs are met and our businesses remain thriving. Bill Hanvey will present the key trends that will drastically shape our industry now and in the future.  
Bill Hanvey


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As we move from a road trip based community to a mobility enabled society the challenges of the change will need to be met by transport agencies, councils and the community alike. Understanding this change and the role of the future vehicle is important so that as a community we can select the right course of action for our investment decisions today.  
Michael Caltabiano


Proprietary validation of automotive components and vehicles is the secret to a successful product. If the validation method is appropriate then you can be assured that the revision that passes will be fit for sale. So why can’t every company just test to the right procedure? Because getting the internal validation method to be correct- and correlated to the customer usage- is difficult and everchanging. As technology advances and customer usage changes the validation methods must also change. Product development cycle durations are usually directly proportional to the price and risk of the finished product. Car manufacturers spend 5-10 years developing a new vehicle from scratch. In this time they test every part multiple times and entire vehicles resulting in a total loss at each gateway. The Australian automotive aftermarket demonstrate incredible agility and ingenuity every day. Often products are developed for a new vehicle in time frames that are a fraction of that which the OEM used to develop the car and with no prior knowledge of the vehicle until it was released for sale. Luke will be discussing the trends of the current automotive landscape and the impact to product development and testing methods. The AIC’s role in this is to help the industry better understand the changing technology and identify future opportunities.  
Luke Truskinger


Trade Show open until 4pm.

Program subject to change.  Tickets non-refundable.